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I’m Jessa Flux of! I’m an “artist” (I do artsy fartsy performance art, paint stuff, perform neo-burlesque AND I sing in a neat rock n’ roll band called The Gorilla Monsoon!)… I also get naked 4U on the interwebz via my HD webcam, dance around like a super hot sex goddess and touch myself in places that make me feel like a bonafied slut for YOUR pleasure! Get a private show over ten minutes long and WIN a neato personalized fan sign/photo sent straight to your email on here! Get a private show over 30 minutes long and WIN a one month pass to for being so awesome! 🙂 Want to have a copy of our private time together? Tell me you want a file you can download and save of our show when we 1st go to the private area and send a $15 tip and I’ll have it for you to download shortly after the show! I’ll send the download link to your email address here! 😉 I also sell my panties, picture sets and videos! Ask me how you can tip me to receive these types of goodies! My panties are $100 a pop and ONLY $75 for members of! My site videos and picture sets starts at ONLY $15 each (or you can see them ALL on my site for one low fee, duh)! I also do “True Customs” where YOU choose the content of the video and it’s made JUST for you! These start at $150 and vary in price depending on the content you desire. You pay for any of these offers through tipping HERE. This is the ONLY Place I accept payment for these services! 😉 I also do shows on yahoo/skype! Lets talk about the length of the show you’d like to see and what you wanna see me do on cam 4U and I’ll tell you want amount to tip! My rates start at $3/min for your basic cam show and I only take appointments for these types of shows if you want 10 minutes or more with me. Anything less is really not going to be enough time with me to fully enjoy my seductive skills! 😉 I won’t take stupid crap from people in my chats (PLZ DO NOT REFER TO ME AS “BB” OR YOU WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY… K?) but that aside I am VERY entertaining and super fun to interact with. I’m pretty hilarious too! I’ll tell you smutty jokes and make your wiener spurt hot jizzom so joyfully, it’ll make you SCREAM4MOAR! Oh and I’M %100 AMERICAN! Whoot! Finally an American girl floating in a sea of foreign women who don’t know any real “Engrish” and that are being pimped out on cam by scary men hiding behind curtains! No for real… This is my REAL house I’m letting you a into, not a creepy studio. You should feel special! 😉